November 17, 2019

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting New Ink

Super clean tattoo by @li_wiztattoo13 one of @natatat2 sponsored artist from @goodvibrationsink in #orlando

Everyone has their reason for getting a new tattoo and no matter when you get it, it’s always exciting. Before getting new ink, there are many questions you should ask yourself. Here is a list of the top 6 questions that you should answer before getting your first or next tattoo.

1.Am I Getting This Tattoo For Myself?

Tattoos are permanent and will follow you as long as you live…unlike people. People come and go and as life goes on, you make drift away from the people you once couldn’t see yourself without. Make sure the tattoo you are getting is because it means something to you and because YOU want it, not because you are following a trend or being peer pressured by others. Tattoos are permanent, trends are not.

2. Have I Thought About The Design I’m Getting Carefully?

Getting a tattoo on impulse can lead to a lifetime of regret. It’s best to give yourself at least a month of pondering before you decide on the final design. A tattoo can be altered, but it can never be replaced, and tattoo removal can be much more expensive than the tattoo itself. We all have purchased something we thought we desperately needed only to do the walk of shame back to the store and return the very thing you thought you couldn’t live without….you can return an item, you cannot return a tattoo.

3. Will This Affect My Career?

Although times are changing and more employers are accepting of visible tattoos, be mindful that not everyone shares your same mindset–you don’t want this to hinder any future opportunities. It is not illegal for employers to discriminate against tattoos! Some workplaces impose dress codes and have a “no visible” tattoo policy.

4. Am I Prepared for the Aftercare Required  To Heal my New Ink?

New ink is awesome, but not everyone understands all the effort it takes to maintain a tattoo. If you are a lifeguard and plan on getting a new tattoo in May, it’s pretty safe to say that’s an awful idea. Exposing your fresh ink to direct sunlight is a huge no-no.

Your new ink will also need a lot of care, especially during the healing process, as the future of your tattoo depends on the care it receives. Reducing the chances of infection and increasing the lifetime of your ink can greatly impact your tattoo during its healing stages.

5. Is the Artist Licensed? Are You Familiar With His/Her Work?

Just because your friend’s boyfriend gave her a free tattoo out of his garage and didn’t experience an infection doesn’t mean you should take the same chances. Cheaper or Free is not always better, especially when it comes to something permanent that requires needles and exposes your blood. Hepatitis, HIV and other diseases cannot be physically seen; your health and wellness are worth more than the any amount of money you may save.

6. Will I still like this Tattoo 20, 30 or 40 Years From Now?

With social media being a big part of our lives, it is too easy to get influenced. Celebrities are overly glamorized human beings who also make mistakes and may not be the person they portray themselves to be online. It might not be the best idea to get a face tattoo that says “YOLO” because it’s the new trend of the year; what you relate to today, may not hold the same meaning a few years from now.

Why Choose Nat-A-Tat2

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