March 4, 2019

Before, During, and Aftercare for Tattoos on Body Parts That Bend

Thinking about getting a new tattoo? Some areas around your body require more attention and time to heal. Areas that bend like, wrist, knees, elbows and ankles are more prone to infections. During the day as we walk, our elbows and knees bend, causing more friction around the area and sweat build up. Our wrists touch everything! And our knees will rub against our chair. Remember tattoos are NOT permanent until they’ve healed. Here we have a list of precautions you should take with a new tattoo in one of these areas.

Ankle Tattoos

  • Make sure to let your new ankle tattoo breath. Avoid wearing socks and leather shoes.
  • Elevate your foot as much as possible to minimize any swelling.
  • Remember, your ankle is near the ground; as you walk, you are inviting dirt and other bacteria that is commonly found on the floor to infiltrate your newly tattooed area. Try and limit your exposed ankle to the elements during the healing process.
  • Do not submerge your ankle in water. It is important not to go swimming once you receive a tattoo or submerge your foot in a bath full of water.

Wrist Tattoos

  • Be cautious on when getting a wrist Most of us work with our hands, so it can be really easy to irritate your new ink.
  • The more you wash your hands, the longer your tattoo will take to heal. You don’t want to over dry your tattoo as it needs to breath.
  • Don’t wear long thick clothing around your wrist as your tattoo needs air circulation to heal.
  • Refrain from wearing jewelry such as watches and bracelets with your new tattoo as this can cause irritation and heighten the possibility of an infection.

Inside Elbow and Knees

  • Can you say ITCHY! All tattoos are bound to itch, however with these two spots, your tattoo will itch even more because of the constant bending and lack of air circulation.
  • DO NOT wear clothing that will suffocate the tattoo. Try to wear shorts or skirts to allow the tattoo to breath during the healing process.
  • It is important to maintain your arm/leg extended to prevent sweat and friction throughout the day when possible.

Why Choose Nat-A-Tat2

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