March 28, 2019

Color vs Black Ink Tattoos

Once you’ve chosen to get a tattoo, (whether it’s your first or your 10th it’s always an exciting decision), went through the process and chose the perfect design, you must decide if you want to use color or just black ink. Your personality, career and the love of the sun are all things to consider, especially on the longevity of the tattoo. Before making your final decision, we made a list of things to consider in helping you make the right choice.

Facts About Colored Tattoos

Fun Fact: Yellow ink lasts the longest in tattoo art and the fastest to fade is white ink!

  • Colored Tattoos give more room for creativeness and expression.
  • If you’re getting inked to cover an existing tattoo, using color makes it easier to hide older ink.
  • Colors may clash with your wardrobe, especially if your tat is in a more exposed area.
  • Color tattoos fade quicker, especially in the sun. Beachgoers and people who work in the sun are urged to take extra care with their tattoo
  • Afraid of needles? Colored tattoos tend to be more painful and take longer to create.
  • Colored tattoos are harder to see on darker skin tones. Complexion should be a consideration to ensure choosing colors that will show the best.
  • Over time, your tattoo will need a touchup. The more color and detail in the tattoo, the more challenging it can be.

Facts About Black Ink Only Tattoos

  • Black tattoos tend to be less painful.
  • Using black ink only allows less room for creativeness and expression than color tattoos.
  • Black tattoos are universal and can go with many different styles and personalities.
  • Black ink tattoos work for a wider variety of complexions than color ink.
  • Hiding a tattoo using black ink only can be more challenging.

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