April 4, 2019

Covering up Old Scars with Tattoos

Every scar tells a story–some stories may depict a life struggle that was overcome, and the scarring is worn with pride. Other scars come with an unwanted daily reminder of a past pain or loss. There are many ways for a scar to be removed or covered, but how can you decide which is the right choice for you?

Each scar is unique and varies in size and color. If you are looking to cover your scar with new ink, there are some things you must know before making a final decision. It is highly recommended for a dermatologist to give the OK to apply new ink on the scar to prevent infections and irritation.

Is the skin elevated?

Elevated skin can be more difficult to conceal with a tattoo. Some scars can heal within a few weeks, while others can take months or years for before it fully heals.  Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but it is important to note, elevated skin is more sensitive and will be more painful. Tattoos that work best against elevated skin are solid dark colors, as the ink can create a blur due to the informality of the skin.

Does the scar have color to it?

Depending on the nature of the scar, the skin may lack natural pigmentation, or the scar may have a reddish shade to it. Tattooing over red skin with color ink can be difficult, depending on the brightness of the skin and shade of the scar. Adding red ink to an already red scar can have better results in concealing it. Other skin discoloration can be hard to cover if the tattoo is simplistic.

Any suggestions on designs for my scar?

As all scars are different, it is hard to advise of a specific design to fit your needs. Don’t just think of hiding your scar, think of camouflaging it. For multi-colored scars, you may want to look into a tattoo with intricate patterns or illusions to help disguise it best. Incorporating your tattoo with your scar can have better results. Depending on your scar, your tattoo may not come out as imagined as the damaged skin will not absorb the ink like undamaged skin can.

Bottom Line

Scar tissue will hold the ink differently. Setting high expectations can prove to be disappointing. It is important to understand; scar tissue will fade quicker and your overall art may not be as anticipated. Speak with your tattoo artist to understand how your new ink will impact your scar and go over your options for a more realistic tattoo.

Why Choose Nat-A-Tat2

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