September 19, 2019

Getting A Tattoo While Wasted

You may have heard stories of people getting wasted before getting a new tat just to calm their nerves. Or those infamous Spring Break tales of regrettable tattoos. Although alcohol may help people relax (or they think it will) it’s never a good idea to get drunk before getting a tattoo, and here’s why.

  1. Getting an intoxicated person to sit still in a chair for a few hours is not an easy task. Drunk people tend to be unstable and are less cooperative which can get very annoying very fast. Even if the person ‘knocks out’ on the table, they may flinch, move or not wake up at all. A tattoo is permanent, and any small mistake can lead to a disgruntled customer and tat artist.
  2. We all know that one person who may take a joke too far when they are drinking–now picture that person making a permanent decision. Alcohol impairs your judgment, so what may seem like a cool, funny tattoo may not be so funny when the person sobers up, especially if the location of the tattoo cannot be easily hidden or the tattoo, in general, is offensive.
  3. The tattoo artist and the shop will be held liable for your innuendos. Before getting a tattoo, the artist will have you sign a consent form—you cannot legally sign a document while impaired. Considering the fact you are an adult, you are still inebriated and therefore will not have a clear head to make good decisions. Bad news travels fast! A tattoo shop does not want the reputation of tattooing a visibly intoxicated person who miraculously does not remember asking for a donkey to be drawn on their face.
  4. Now let’s discuss the health concerns. Alcohol is a natural blood thinner. Most people bleed while getting inked, drinking before may have you bleeding more excessively than normal. Continuous bleeding will cause the ink to dilute which can result in your tattoo looking faded and washed out. Plus it’s very difficult for the tattoo artist to work around.

We are here for you

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