January 20, 2020

Hairline Tattoos aka Scalp Micropigmentation ( SMP )

Our appearance plays a major factor in our self-esteem. Those who fall victim to receding hairlines, balding or thinning hair ultimately try everything to control the situation. Over-the-counter prescriptions, diets and lifestyle changes may help some, but unfortunately family genes, diseases or surgeries are not situations that can be controlled.

According to WebMD, “By age 35, two-thirds of American men will have some degree of appreciable hair loss and by age 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. About 25% of men who suffer from male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach 21.”

For this reason, Hairline tattoos, also known as Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP, is becoming increasingly popular. Below we answer some of the most common questions and concerns most people have.

Does SMP Hurt?

Pain tolerance varies from person to person; however, most people report the pain level to be between 2-3 out of 10. The needle used for this procedure is about 75% smaller than the average tattoo needle….in other words, the “pain” is more of a pinching or pricking discomfort. The average tattoo needle penetrates up to the third layer of skin while the SMP needle only penetrates the first layer of skin.

How Long Does SMP Last?

There are two options with SMP, temporary and permanent. There are pros and cons to both, but your ultimate goal will determine the outcome. The temporary procedure can last between 6-24 months, depending on your body type. During this time, the ink will start to fade slowly but will completely disappear. While the ink is fading, this can create an awkward and unwanted appearance. The permanent route will not fade but may require a touch up every 4-7 years. Due to the special ink that is used, the ink will not give that blue tint and it will not blend in within each other over time, so you don’t have to worry about having a blue head later.

What Happens When I Start Growing Grey Hair?

A consultation is required before the start of the procedure. The artist will carefully blend in the ink to get as close to your natural hair color as possible. Luckily gray hair takes time to grow as no one will wake up overnight with a head full of gray. When a touch up is required, the artist will help provide you with details on how to make it look more natural. Per our research, the fading does exceptionally well with greying hair.

Best Candidates For SMP

  • Covering up bald patches or increasing the appearance of fuller hair for those with thin, long hair
  • Concealing scars due to surgery
  • Receding hairlines
  • Anyone maintaining a buzz cut

Why Nat-A-Tat2

Even for those getting tatted for hair loss you have to ensure your skin, especially a sensitive area like your scalp heals properly. At Nat-A-Tat2 we are committed to making sure your ink and skin are well cared for as your tattoo heals to ensure it looks good for years to come.

Our tattoo care instructions can help you ensure an optimal tattoo healing process, and our tattoo aftercare products are all-natural, 100% USDA certified organic and vegan so you can feel confident and comfortable with what you’re putting on your skin.