How To Choose The Right Artist For My First Tattoo

The most important thing to do before getting a tattoo is to find the right artist. Each artist has their own style and specializes in certain types of ink, art and even areas of the body. While one artist may be good at detailing tattoos, another may be good at customizing your final piece. Once you determine what tattoo you want, color, artwork, and placement, that is when you can start your mission of finding the perfect artist. Here is some advice:

  • Research artists work, read online reviews and search for their tagged art. Social media can be a brutally honest place and people are not afraid to share their experience while providing pictures of their finished tattoo.
  • Ask your inked friends for their recommendations.
  • Stop by the tattoo shop and look around. A shop that cares about the safety of its customers will have a well maintained, clean and sanitized studio. If you see any needles, stains, and unidentified objects, turn around immediately.
  • Book a consultation with several artists before making your final decision. Body language and personality will play a major role in your decision. It is imperative you feel comfortable around them.
  • A good artist will not get irritated with your questions and should openly offer you their portfolio. The experience of getting the tattoo is just as important as the ink itself! Any negative or positive feelings will be tied to your body for the rest of your life.
  • Show the artist the artwork you want. Pay attention to their reaction and their confidence. If an artist seems to be indecisive with their response, it’s ok to leave and search somewhere else.

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