May 20, 2019

Most Popular Men’s Tattoos of 2019

Whether you are a tattoo veteran, or this is your first, researching your future ink is crucial. We’ve put together a list of 2019’s most popular men’s tattoo trends to help you decide on a meaningful tattoo design.

Tribal Tattoos

These tattoos have symbolized strength and power for centuries. Their bold patterns are often linked with masculinity. Modern tribal tattoos are based on ancient designs that are not only full of culture, but also depict the right of passage as well as family identification.

Compass Tattoos

The compass is meaningful for a traveler as a symbol of guidance. A compass will point you in the right direction. This tattoo also symbolizes one’s will to let their heart guide their actions.


This year is all about awareness. Quote tattoos hold power by making a man stronger as his passage is written on him. Make sure to choose the right font and boldness to really get that message out there.

A Lion’s Face

A lion symbolizes courage, strength, power, pride and domination. All men hold the alpha gene and there is no better way to show your leadership than with the boldness of a lion’s face.


The skull tattoo is the hallmark of a rebel. These tattoos symbolize death and mortality, which can hold a constant reminder that everyone will die one day and therefore should live each day to the fullest.

Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos will never go out of style as they are symbolic. The Cross normally expresses one’s spirituality and religion, and can hold a deep, personal meaning. These tattoos are very versatile and can be personalized to better represent your story.

The Nautical Star

This tattoo was popular among Navy and Marine members, but because of its’ many meanings, it has become more popular within the civilian community over time. Different locations of a star tattoo can each symbolize something different. For example, aligning the star with your thumb acts as a positive guide for the future. Putting angel wings on a nautical star can mean someone is watching over you.


These simple but meaningful tattoos have been blooming with popularity. An arrow must be pulled back to spring forward, which is a concept that can apply to many aspects in life. It is also linked to hunting and fighting which gives it a masculine touch.

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