May 8, 2019

Most Popular Woman’s Tattoos of 2019

2019 is all about inspiration, positivity. Whether you’re looking for some ideas or inspiration for your next tattoo, we are here to help guide you on your new future design. Here are the most popular female tattoo trends of 2019!


Let your inner beauty shine! These beautiful creatures represent hold symbol of freedom, beauty and change. Butterflies are an attractive symbol of confidence and represent a new beginning. The best part about butterfly tattoos are the endless possibilities of making it unique as you can put anything from a face to a poem as the wings and make it as big as you desire.


Nothing screams unique like a unicorn. These magical mysterious creatures have been around for centuries–it is a symbol of purity, strong and fierce. Unicorns are normally pictured around a calm and hidden area, like forest, clouds or flying through a rainbow. Unicorns are perfect as there is no one like you.

Peony Tattoos

Romance, wealth, good fortune and prosperity are the symbols of peony tattoos. Peony tattoos are normally on the ribs and are incredibly attractive. These beauties will run down your side and show your inner romance.


Another tattoo design that has been around since the beginning of time yet speak with such volume and purity. There are hundreds of thousand different types of flowers, with each having its own meaning. The best part about getting a flower tattoo is the expression and diversity you can incorporate within that tattoo. Be expressive and represent your inner creativeness.

Fox Tattoos

Talk about a unique and beautiful animal, fox tattoos are quickly becoming popular in 2019 for their representation of being seductive and crafty. A fox is deceitful yet quick and crafty. Europeans believe a fox represents an animal that overcomes any problem or difficulty it endures. Americans refer to a woman who is beautiful and clever as “foxy”. You can’t get anymore clever and seductive than that!

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