January 5, 2020

Most Symbolic Tattoos of 2020

Tattoos are a form of art through visual representations of yourself. The concept of symbols is to have small yet powerful statements with only an image. Ink is permanent and it’s important to carefully choose a design that holds value to you. The power of art and expression can bring two strangers into a world of understanding and acceptance. Every tattoo tells a story and represents who you are as a person.

Here is a list of the most symbolic tattoos of 2020:

Lotus Flower

Planted in muddy water, this flower will blossom through the undesired presence and will rise above to enlighten beauty in unsettling situations.

Unclosed Delta

Another tattoo that is small, simple and to the point is the unclosed delta as it symbolizes “Open to change”.

Viking Tattoo

There are two meanings to this symbol:

  1. It represents strength, bravery freedom, and valor.
  2. Create your own reality.

Greek Inguz Symbol

This little majestic symbol translates to “Where there’s a will there’s a way”.


One of the most popular tattoos, anchors represent strength, stability and holding on. Anchors have been around for centuries and will continue to remain a staple within the world of art.


A caterpillar is described as a soul that travels through the journey of life, dies and is reborn again. Butterflies represent spirituality, transformation, and freedom.


One of the most powerful yet simple tattoos, the semicolon is a representation of mental health. It is used as a message for support against suicide, depression, and addiction.

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