September 4, 2020

Nat-A-Tat2 Hand Sanitizer Available For Purchase Soon – Stay Tuned!

Hand sanitizer was introduced back in 1966 but did not gain its popularity until the early 1990s. It was created to decrease infectious diseases and germs when soap and water were not quickly available. Fast forward to 2020, hand sanitizers are essentially a lifesaver. COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic that has redefined what “normal” once was. This dangerous disease has magnified the essence of practicing good hygiene. 

The coronavirus has created a global shortage of hand sanitizers during it’s prime. Due to the shortage, many companies and consumers were desperately searching and creating disinfectant solutions on their own. Some companies rushed the production of sanitizers to help stop the spread of the disease, while others fed off the publics’ desperation and were fueled with money-hungry antics. The intention of the companies varied, but the outcome was the same– another wave of panic was born. One of the main ingredients used in hand sanitizers, 2-propanol(isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol)  was substituted with what some thought was a similar ingredient, 1-propanol.  

The FDA issued a warning regarding hand sanitizers that have tested positive for 1-propanol contamination. This proved to be a toxic ingredient that can be life-threatening when ingested. Although the FDA has intervened and attempted to stop the illegal import of hand sanitizers, there are still companies, including popular ones that continue to sell hand sanitizers containing this ingredient. It is highly encouraged to stick with hand sanitizers that are approved by the FDA. 

The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety and security of human products and devices. During this pandemic, it is highly encouraged to follow the guidelines they provide to ensure your safety. 

Nat-A-Tat2 Hand Sanitizer

The safety of our consumers has always been our main priority. Our hand sanitizer obeys the safety regulations instructed by the FDA. Our unwavering commitment to safety will not be manipulated by trends or the hunger to make money at the expense of the safety of our customers.

Our Unscented Antibacterial Clear Sanitizer will be available for purchase on our website soon, stay tuned!

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