June 3, 2019

Sexy Tattoos for Bikini Beachgoers – Summer 2019

After working on your bikini body all winter long, it’s time to show off your all your hard work. But what’s better than bikinis? Bikinis showing off your sexy ink! There’s nothing that screams sexy like tattoos and bikinis. The style of the tattoo is important but also the location. Here is our guide to the sexiest tattoo designs and location perfect to display during the summer months.

Flower Chest Tattoos

There is little left to the imagination when sporting a bikini. Just like tattoos, there are hundreds of bikini styles to choose from. No matter what kind of bikini you get, one area that will always attract attention is your chest. Whether you want something that is big, extravagant and colorful, or, small, delicate and simple, chest tattoos will always grab attention. Flowers are the most popular chest tattoos for women as they are very versatile and can be customized to your liking.

Colorful Thigh Tattoos

Because your thigh is not normally visible, it draws a special type of sexiness. Tattoos on thighs seek attention all on their own. This is an area where creativity has no limitation. Colorful patterns and flowers will really stand out and add a pop to your bikini. Dragons, snakes and tribal markings wrap around your thigh and will have eyes circling all around.

Seductive Tattoos on Hip Bone

Hips are a very seductive place in general and the right ink will add to the irresistible urge to look. Butterflies, Birds and paws are among the most popular tattoos for the hip area. Your new ink will surely garner attention and admiration. Make it as big or small as you like, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Quotes and Rib Cage

There is something appealing about rib cage tattoos. They are eye catching and can only be exposed when you decide to show them off. Flower stems and quotes are incredibly sexy and are among the most popular selections for the rib cage area. Just like the thigh, this is a large area and has room to be creative.

Why Choose Nat-A-Tat2

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