February 8, 2020

Strict Parents – How To Break The News About Your New Ink

How can daddy’s little girl break the news after she is all grown up to share that she has gotten ink of her own?

Or the first son in your family to get inked? How do you tell mom and dad about your new tattoo?

Summer is approaching and concealing your ink under long-sleeve shirts and pants will no longer be an option. What you once thought was the hard part, choosing the design and suffering through the pain, has been proven to be easy unlike breaking the news.

Legally in the US, at age 18 you are considered an adult and can get a tattoo without a parent or guardian’s permission, but you will always be your parent’s baby. So, how do you break the news to religious and conservative parents without shattering their hearts and shaming your family name in their minds? Is it best to tell them outright, surprise them, or hope they see it and just let it go? We don’t have the answer to that since every parent is different. Hopefully, we can provide you with ideas on how to tell your mother who worked so hard to provide you with the life you have and only asked in return for you never to get a tattoo, that you have a tattoo.

  • If the reason you are not living under a bridge right now is that your parents are supporting you financially, it is best to accept reality and determine if getting inked is worth possibly getting cut off financially. However, if you have already gotten a tattoo, it’s not too late. Try to mention your interest in tattoos as much as possible, but do not overbear them. You can say it in a joking manner, but with a serious tone. Touching the topic often can possibly prevent a real shocker as they may have secretly started to accept that you will get a tattoo if you haven’t already.
  • Parents who are religious (depending on the religion) may see getting tattooed as an act of rebellion. Although you may not be able to convince them that you will not burn for eternity, there are ways to approach the topic. Study your specific religion and really go into the depth of tattoos to understand the reason why tattoos are banned. Don’t discredit what you were taught, however, you may cause a family feud!
  • Conservative parents may be a little easier to convince because their views on body art is a personal opinion. Your approach will play a big factor on their comprehension.

Regardless of how you plan on telling them, your delivery is everything! They may yell, cry, and even become physical, but try to stay calm. It’s best to tell your parent directly, being open and honest with the reason why you got inked in the first place. If they find out on their own, whether by seeing it accidentally or shared by an overly dramatic family member or friend that loves to exaggerate everything, the outcome could be much worse.

No matter their reaction, do not become defensive or argumentative. Receiving the silent treatment for days or months to possibly even years is a defense mechanism. Being removed from the will or being banned from family functions, is not something you can control. When you understand how far your parents are willing to go, you will then know how to break the news and prepare for the backlash.  Give them the space they desire and understand although it is your body, they are still your parents.

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