February 28, 2019

Tattoo Trends of 2019

Just like clothes and music, every year there is a trend with tattoos. 2018 was all about wrist and finger tattoos. While 2017 was more about constellations and astrology—along with simple and small tattoos. Bringing in the year 2019, with social media at its highest, we will discuss the most in demand and popular tattoos.

Hand Tattoos

Wrist and finger tattoos were in high demand, but now hand tattoos are taking off. Popular tattoo artist like Mira Mariah believes it will be more of a singular large image, rather than a small tattoo. Hands have lots of curves, veins, bones and small muscles so expect it to be a little bit more painful than other areas. Usually the more bones where the tattoo will be created, the more pain will be experienced. Hand tattoos are normally requested by those who aren’t afraid to show their artistic side all of the time.

Ignorant Tattoos

If you are not familiar with “ignorant tattoos”, let me take you back a couple of decades. Ignorant tattoos were very popular in the ‘90s. It is the standardization of graffiti. These tattoos are against rules and social norm. They signify freedom of expression without being tied down to traditional society regulations. Most of these tattoos are bold and have a, “I’m not touching you so you can’t touch me”, character. It has edgy humor with a “look at me” statement.

Ear Tattoos

Most of us have seen, or have, a small tattoo located behind the ear lobe—but this new trend of a tattoo on the ear is coming in fast! People are ditching their jewelry and getting colorful, unique ink instead. Now, beware, because the ear is full of cartilage, you can expect more pain than other tattoo locations on the body. There are many bumps on the ear which has been proven to be one of the most difficult places to tat up.

Anything Colorful

Red, Blue, and Yellow are high in demand. Black ink will always be in need, however, bold, bright and colorful detailed tattoos are what’s in. Nothing screams out attention to your tattoo than a big, bold and COLORFUL piece of work on your body. From the expression to the unique touch, colorful tattoos will add that touch of personality and edginess to any artwork. By the end of 2019, White ink is predicted to be in demand with its more simplistic look.


Flowers are a universal sign of admiration and love. However, to other people, flowers can signify remembrance and a reminder of the tribulations one had to endure in life. With thousands of flowers and meaning behind them, it is no wonder why they continue to be so popular. From a simple stem with one leaf to a bouquet of flowers, this trend will sure to stay popular for years to come.

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