July 10, 2019

Tattoos Are No Longer Taboo In the Workplace

We’ve heard it before, “Don’t get visible tattoos or you won’t be able to get a good job”. Years ago, tattoos were disgraceful and linked to gang members, bikers and rebels. Tattoos were never considered professional and chances are, if you had a tattoo that was visible during an interview, it was almost a guarantee you would not get that job. Years ago, tattoos were illegal and mainly convicts were able to get tattoos without being caught by law enforcement. Across the globe, many tribes get inked depending on their beliefs and cultures. Are tattoos looked at the same as 20+ years ago? Will a visible tattoo cost you an employment opportunity?

Tattoos are now being seen regularly in professional environments. Most police stations and fire departments are opened to officers having full sleeves. The protection of the community and the value of its officers outweigh the significance of a tattoo; therefore, many departments are looking past body ink and understand it is freedom of expression. Many nurses have full sleeves and still save countless lives on a day to day basis. As time goes on, tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable by many work forces. With social media at its stake, many models, athletes and entertainers #hashtag their tattoos and create an array of fans who copy their ink.

The tattoos that started to open the minds of work forces were those associated with 9/11. Many loved ones wanted to embrace their love of the country while mourning those lost on that tragic day. Workplaces started to have a more open mind when it came to tattoos as most of the hiring personnel lived and remembered the horror of 9/11.

More companies are keeping an open mind and understand tattoos are a form of art and expression and do not alter the ability of a person to perform their job duties. According to statistics, the number of people in America with a tattoo is 42% and increasing every day. However, keep in mind any tattoo that is visible with clothing must be kept in good taste; offensive, racist and sexual tattoos may be deemed inappropriate and can alter your chances to work at your dream job, especially if you will be in front of C-Level executives and clients and not just a desk job.

The ratio of those with tattoos vs. those without a tattoo is increasing which also increases the chances of you landing your dream job, even with visible tattoos. According to statistics from the University of Miami found that those with tattoos were no less likely to be employed than their non-inked counterparts.


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