Matching Sentimental Tattoos

June 29, 2018

The Sentimental Value of Tattoos

Tattoos serve various purposes, from being a memorial for a loved one, a way to share something you love with the world, or to simply be a pretty design that is always on display. As tattoos become more mainstream, sentimental tattoos are also on the rise. Since sentimental means an emotional (or even romantic) feeling, it makes sense for family and close friends to feature in the ink of many.

Carry Your Family With You

As life goes on and people grow up, it is often a sad fact that you will have to move away from family and friends. The way that some people keep their loved ones with them always is through a tattoo. Quite a few people get “family” tattooed on themselves. Some people get a portrait of their child(ren) or parent. Note that portraits in particular can be tricky, as they are very detailed and complicated, so for the best outcome and experience, bring an enlarged, detailed photo for reference and choose a tattoo artist that specializes in portraits. You want something to admire and that will bring good memories and feelings to mind, not something that will bring regret.

Such direct methods are great, but there are plenty of other ways for people to show their love. Anything can serve as a symbol. Some families have a specific design that multiple people get, such as sisters getting a flower or heartbeat with the word “sisters” all tattooed on their arm, or all the adult family members getting the same phrase inked somewhere on their bodies. Others use the emblematic tree and often add initials or names to fill in the trunk or around the leaves. Another cute idea for parents could be to get little footprints with their childrens’ names next to them, or their actual hand/footprint. There are as many ways to express love as there are relationships.

Tattoos as Memorials

Tattoos can also be a memorial for a loved one they have lost. One idea is inking something they wrote in a letter or card in their handwriting on your body where you can see it. Others get their loved one’s favorite animal, saying, or lyric as a symbol for that person. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else; it can serve as a reminder to you alone of your love, or it can be an interesting conversation starter and a chance to share their story. Losing a loved one can be sad, but hopefully the tattoo can help remind you of the good times you had and the love that you shared.

Hopefully this article helped you come up with some new tattoo ideas. It can serve a great way to connect with your family and friends while you (and they) are alive, or to help remember and respect a loved one you have lost. No matter what kind of tattoo you get, make sure to follow the tattoo care instructions, and use the right products to help it heal well, and last for as long as your love does.