June 1, 2020

Virgin Tattooers, How To Prepare And What To REALLY Expect When Getting A Tattoo

Everyone has their own experience when it comes to getting a tattoo. Some people may tell you it doesn’t hurt as bad as they thought it would, while others may give you a horror story. Getting inked is exciting but it can also cause stress if you don’t properly prepare yourself before entering the shop. Here are some tips to help you through your journey.

  • Take a shower! Assuming you did your research on the tattoo parlor and verified they are clean, you also want to make sure you are sanitized. Our skin is home to roughly 1,000 species of bacteria. By taking a shower, you are reducing the chances of infection during your session.
  • Before your big day, get a full night’s rest. You want to make sure your body and mind are fully rested to prevent complications that will be out of your control.
  • HYDRATE! We cannot stress enough the importance of drinking water.
  • Do not drink before your tattoo. Alcohol thins your blood, which can make you bleed more during your tattoo.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Shave the area
  • Eat before you go, but not so much that you feel bloated, especially if you are having a long session.
  • Dress comfortably while allowing easy access to the area. If you are getting a tattoo on your bicep, wear a tank top as you do not want your clothes to rub against your fresh ink.
  • Taking Tylenol before your session to help with pain and swelling. Do NOT take ibuprofen or aspirin as they are blood thinners.
  • Apply numbing cream if you are concerned about the pain.
  • Be honest with yourself and recognize the danger signs. Do not rush your first tattoo, think about how this will affect your personal life.

Why Choose Nat-A-Tat2

Here at Nat-A-Tat2, we are committed to making sure your ink is well cared for as your tat heals to ensure it looks great for years to come. Our tattoo care instructions can help you ensure an optimal tattoo healing process. Our tattoo aftercare products are all-natural, 100% USDA certified organic and vegan, so you can feel confident that your tattoo aftercare needs are being met in the best way possible.

Aftercare Lotion and Tattoo Foam Cleanser can be used while your tattoo is in the healing process. Tattoo Aftercare Balm is ideal for use after the healing process is complete.