March 1, 2020

What To Expect When Getting A Cover-Up Tattoo?

Remember that one time you were destined to prove your underlying love and got your now ex’s name tatted across your chest? How about the dancing taco tattoo you thought was hilarious across your forearm while on spring break? Maybe you don’t have a horror tattoo story, you just want to upgrade your ink into a more meaningful piece of art that is relatable to your current lifestyle.

Despite the reason you require a cover-up tattoo, your journey should be thought out carefully to prevent regret on your cover-up tattoo!

The most important step is researching an artist who specializes in cover-ups. This is not an easy or cheap task–and depending on the size of your tattoo, the cover-up may take several sessions.

Where Should I Start When Looking to Get A Tattoo Cover-up?

Before stressing yourself out on whether it can be altered, ask yourself, if you could start all over again and this tattoo was not there, what would you get? A specialized tattoo artist will do all the research for you and provide creative ways to transform your tattoo.

What Should I Expect?

Most cover-ups require the new tattoo to be bigger. Although this is not a requirement, it does provide a broader vision and make it easier and more convenient for both you and the artist to work with, especially if your old tattoo is full of details and colors.

For a realistic outcome, have an open mindset and understand your options. Be open to suggestions from your tattoo artist as they have the experience. You cannot lighten a dark tattoo, but you can recreate the design by adding features and colors.

Can I Cover Black and Grey Tattoos?

Yes! Black ink can be transitioned and provide an astonishing outcome. Forming barbed wires into a beautiful lady or masking a four-inch dark tattoo into the magical night sky, black ink can be beneficial and not as difficult you may think.

If the ink you need covered has a lot of details or blotches of dark spots, a few sessions of laser may be beneficial as it will lighten the area and allow more flexibility. You might only need a few spots lasered rather than the whole thing.

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