February 12, 2019

Winter Tattoo Care: Keep Your Ink Protected

Thinking about getting fresh ink? Now is the best time! Tattoos LOVE the cold and the healing process can be faster and less uncomfortable. Summertime can be sticky, sweaty and the sun can be overwhelmingly hot. Sweat can easily aggravate a new tattoo and sun exposure can cause the tattoo to fade and itch. During the winter, your body isn’t exposed to the harsh rays of the sun which supports your body during the healing process.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Cooler weather can be unforgiving, and the stronger winds of winter months can easily dry out your skin.  Your tattoo must be properly moisturized to eliminate additional scabbing and healing time. Although it is natural to pile on long sleeves and more clothing during the winter, you must remember to wear something that will provide you easy access to apply ointment, three times a day for the first week, at a minimum. However, during the winter time, you might have to moisturize more frequently as your body is more prone to dry skin during the winter months.

Most of us get a tattoo to show it off so getting one in the winter is perfect! By the time summer comes around, it will be healed, and you can let your hair loose, hit the beach and allow your tattoo to get the attention it deserves. Remember, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!

While there is no “perfect” time to get a tattoo, our Tattoo Aftercare Kit will have you covered no matter what the season is.

Why Choose Nat-A-Tat2

Here at Nat-A-Tat2, we are committed to making sure your ink and skin is well cared for as your tattoo heals to ensure it looks good for years to come. Our tattoo care instructions can help you ensure an optimal tattoo healing process. Our tattoo aftercare products are all-natural, 100% USDA certified organic and vegan, so you can feel confident that your tattoo aftercare needs are being met in the best way possible.